Classes: Winter Series

January 12, 2015 - February 22, 2015

Class series are held Monday-Saturday afternoons and evenings. Unless otherwise noted the cost for each series of six 75-minute classes is $130, with a $10 early-bird discount for registering before January 5.

Scholarships for Freight classes are available through Students Rock Foundation. Please visit for details.



Introduction to Mountain Dulcimer w/ DJ Hamouris, 5:30 pm

Beginning Fiddle from the Ground Up w/ Erik Hoffman, 7:00 pm starts 1/19

Introductory Music Theory & Sight Singing w/ Ken Malucelli, 7:00 pm

Mountain Dulcimer II w/ DJ Hamouris, 7:00pm

Irish Session Tunes For All Instruments w/ Marla Fibish, 7:00 pm

Intro to Old-Time, Blues, and Bluegrass Mandolin w/ Eric Thompson, 7:00pm starts 1/19

Fiddle Repertoire with Anatomy of a Fiddle Tune w/ Erik Hoffman, 8:30 pm starts 1/19

Intermediate Music Theory & Sight Singing  w/ Ken Malucelli, 8:30 pm

Folk Song Repertoire w/ Shay Black, 8:30pm

Intermediate Old-Time, Blues, and Bluegrass Mandolin w/ Eric Thomspon, 8:30pm starts 1/19



Clawhammer Banjo for the Rank Beginner w/ Evie Ladin & Erik Pearson, 6:30 pm

Bluegrass Jam Class Level 1 w/ Bill Evans, 6:30pm

Introduction to Swing Guitar w/ Tony Marcus, 6:30pm

Songwriting w/ Jim Bruno, 7:00pm

Bluegrass Harmony Singing w/ Avram Siegel, 7:00pm

Clawhammer Banjo Slow Repertoire w/ Evie Ladin & Erik Pearson, 8:00pm

Bluegrass Jam Class Level 2 w/ Bill Evans, 8:00pm

Intermediate Swing Guitar w/ Tony Marcus, 8:00pm



Basic Guitar w/ Gabriel Olin, 5:30pm

Intermediate Blues Harmonica w/ David Matthews, 5:30pm

Beginning Guitar w/ Gabriel Olin, 7:00 pm

Beginning Blues Harmonica w/ David Matthews, 7:00pm

Beginning 'Ukulele w/ Hiram Bell, 7:00pm   starts 1/21

Beginning Fingerstyle Guitar w/ Pete Madsen, 7:00 pm

Easy Bass w/ Chuck Ervin, 7:00pm   no class 2/18, last class on 2/25

Intermediate Guitar w/ Gabriel Olin, 8:30pm

Intermediate 'Ukulele w/ Hiram Bell, 8:30pm starts 1/21

Bottleneck Slide Guitar w/ Pete Madsen, 8:30pm

Bowing the Bass w/ Chuck Ervin, 8:30pm  no class 2/18, last class on 2/25



Beginning 'Ukulele w/ Hiram Bell, 5:30pm starts 1/22

Introduction to Live Sound w/ Tesser Call, 6:30pm

Advanced 'Ukulele w/ Hiram Bell, 7:00pm starts 1/22

Grooving the Blues w/ Pete Madsen, 7:00pm

Beginning Dobro w/ John Bidwell, 7:00pm

Women's Singing Circle w/ Tamsen Fynn, 8:30 pm

Jamming the Blues w/ Pete Madsen, 8:30pm



Cajun Ensemble w/ Julay Brooks, Agi Ban, and Mark Marcin, 3:30 pm

Old Time String Band Class, 5:00-6:30, starts 1/25 ($140 early bird, $150 regular, $27 drop in)

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