Wednesday, March 20, 2013, 8:00 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm)

Girlyman's singer and guitarist debuts her first solo CD "One True Thing"
$20.50 advance / $22.50 at door
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March 20 8:00 pm

TylanAfter five studio albums and ten years on the road with the internationally acclaimed folk-pop quartet Girlyman, Tylan is returning to her musical roots. “There’s something about the raw, lyric-driven acoustic experience that has always appealed to me,” she says. “I like the idea of there being very little between the song and the listener. That’s where I come from.” She’s moved to Sonoma County, recorded a debut solo album, One True Thing, and is heading to the Freight to share her new music and enjoy the evening with whoever happens to show up.

Tylan co-founded Girlyman in Brooklyn in 2001, and the band soon went from playing for tips in coffeehouses to headlining around the country, touring internationally, and opening for Dar Williams and the Indigo Girls. Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls sings harmony on the first single from Tylan’s new album, “Already Fine,” which Tylan wrote, she told American Songwriter, “to capture that feeling of giving your soul to someone who can take it or leave it. It’s pretty depressing, but sadly we’ve all done it! The Indigo Girls have been my heroes since high school, and Girlyman was on Amy’s indie label Daemon for our first two records. It was an honor to have her sing on the song, and she totally nailed it, of course.” Tylan has a beautiful alto, a great way with words, and a wonderful, clear sound that pierces to the heart. She’s just getting settled in the area, so come on out and make her feel at home.

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Photo by Jeff Steinmetz

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