Bluegrass & Country Slow Jam w/Richard Brandenburg – 1/12/19 – Tickets – Freight & Salvage – Berkeley, CA – January 12th, 2020

Bluegrass & Country Slow Jam w/Richard Brandenburg - 1/12/19
3 hours of pickin'!

Bluegrass & Country Slow Jam

Richard Brandenburg

Bluegrass & Country Slow Jam w/Richard Brandenburg

Traditional country and bluegrass music is alive and thriving! This weekly drop-in jam is a great way to experience playing and singing traditional bluegrass and country songs at a moderately slow tempo in a supportive, educational, and relaxed jam setting.

If you’ve been taking Dix Bruce’s Bluegrass Jam Class, or Avram Siegel’s Bluegrass Harmony Class, here’s an excellent opportunity to bring your playing and singing to a jam-circle of folks with the same interests.

Players of all skill-levels and ages are welcome! It’s the perfect environment to deepen and broaden your traditional repertoire through playing and singing country and bluegrass songs by ear, just like in the old days. The simple rules of jam etiquette create a safe environment for everyone.

This is a jam for traditional bluegrass instruments: voice, guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, dobro and upright bass. You should be able to play basic chords smoothly on your acoustic instrument. Players are welcome to bring tape recorders and songbooks. Guitar and banjo players should bring a capo.


• Thanks for leading the group with your patience and humor. I've learned a lot, become more comfortable playing with others, and have greatly expanded my list of songs/tunes.

• Thanks for your ongoing patience with those of us who continue to put the "slow" in "slow jam!"

• You were so patient, helpful, and friendly yesterday and I can't thank you enough! You will definitely be seeing more of me now that I've found your jams.

• I really enjoyed the jam - it's a great way to learn. As you can probably tell, I've done most of my playing at home, solo, so the jamming etiquette is new to me.

Richard Brandenburg

Richard Brandenburg has been a performing singer and songwriter around the Bay Area for many years. He has taught vocals, guitar, songwriting, and country repertoire at various music camps. He teaches private students and teaches lead and harmony vocal workshops, as well as an ongoing jam workshop at his home in San Francisco.