Maurice Tani, Aireene Espiritu, Joe Rut

The Spark Series: Three Inspired Songwriters

Maurice Tani

Aireene Espiritu

Joe Rut

Friday, August 18th

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$18 ADV / $22 DOOR

All tickets are subject to an additional $4 per ticket facility fee.

Maurice Tani
Maurice Tani
San Francisco native, Maurice Tani is a "rye-to-romantic" singer-songwriter with seven albums to his credit -the latest being The Lovers Card, released on the Little Village label. With his band, 77 El Deora, Tani has been the source of untold, but exquisite suffering on the Bay Area Americana scene for over 15 years.
Tani uses the term, “Supercalifornigraphic” to describe his particular flavor of Americana. While rooted in country music, Tani's writing is centered on a West Coast perspective. “Though much of my material is based on fictional characters and situations, I still write what I know. I'm not particularly comfortable or interested in the rural imagery of tractors, 4x4s or general agriculture common in much country music. What attracts me most about country is the story telling side of it. My stories are more likely to be centered around an urban experience. I'm a Californian from a large metropolitan area and I write about the things that hold my attention. I think of these songs as a sort of cinema for the blind. Short musical narratives of life on the left coast.”
Aireene Espiritu
Aireene Espiritu
Aireene is a singer/songwriter based in Oakland, CA, playing mostly original songs accompanied by latin/african rhythms, folk, bluegrass pickings and inspirations from gospel music - a mix of stompin', swayin', and timeless Americana.
Joe Rut
Joe Rut
Joe Rut rolls into the Freight & Salvage to celebrate the Release of his 7th album, Nekkid. Joe’s quirky sense of humor underpins a heartfelt, richly lyrical and subtly hallucinatory Americana/Alt-country landscape. His funny songs can break your heart, and his sad songs can make you laugh. Comparisons have been drawn to Todd Snider, Josh Ritter, John Prine, and Loudon Wainright III. It is a deeply American music, although nobody seems to be guarding the border too closely (the guards apparently bribed with psychedelics to look the other way.)

Joe’s life on the road with is wunderdog Potato was recently interrupted by the theft of his touring van, instruments, and his infamous Pretty Good Book, an antique accounting ledger containing approximately 250 handwritten song lyrics.

“I was gonna call it ‘The Good Book’”, says Joe, “but it turned out that title was already taken,

Through perseverance and a dose of luck, the Pretty Good Book and Joe’s Dobro guitar were recovered (Hooray!!) and the new album Nekkid highlights recent songs from the book
recorded live in 2018.

Joe Rut: “After the van was stolen, I spent 5 weekends handing out reward flyers at all of the flea markets and homeless encampments, not really expecting anything, but feeling like I had to try something. The loss of the book was devastating. There was no way I would ever remember all the lyrics written in it. Then one day, the phone rang. A homeless guy had found
the book by the side of the road in Oakland!! I had to force the reward on him. He didn’t even want to take it. The next day I got a call about my Dobro!”

Joe’s Song “Dosey Doe” was voted #1 song on SomaFM’s Bootliquor Radio by listeners in September 2010, and his music (“Control Freak”) has been featured on NPR’s Undercurrents.
His song “Jelly Donut” inspired a feature about food-based songs in the SF Chronicle’s Datebook, and he has appeared in Guitar Player Magazine. Joe’s Dante-esque epic tragi-comedy “And The Horse I Rode In On” won “Best Song” in West Coast Songwriters Open Mic in June 2009. He was recently honored in Berkeley by a Joe Rut Cover Night, in which local artists took turns playing his songs.

Come celebrate the return of The Pretty Good Book, and the release of Nekkid! All proceeds go towards outfitting a new touring van.

And whiskey.

Lots of whiskey.

And probably some donuts.