Ron Miles Circuit Rider Trio featuring Bill Frisell & Brian Blade

striking and evocative jazz trio

Ron Miles Circuit Rider Trio featuring Bill Frisell & Brian Blade

Ron Miles, Bill Frisell Harmony, Brian Blade

Friday, October 26th

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$40 ADV / $44 DOOR (plus fees)

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Ron Miles Circuit Rider Trio featuring Bill Frisell & Brian Blade
Ron Miles Circuit Rider Trio featuring Bill Frisell & Brian Blade
Named after the title of its second album, Circuit Rider features the trio’s founder, cornetist Ron Miles, guitarist Bill Frisell, and drummer Brian Blade. A logical evolution from the debut album Quiver (2012), Circuit Rider (2014) epitomizes Miles’ signature lyricism and spiritually aware compositions. The group’s repertoire spans American folk traditions and vibrant gospel infused with progressive jazz forms. Confident, elegant, and never overstated, Miles hits just the right balance of grace and rhythm as he quietly makes his mark as a cornetist, composer, and storyteller. His unique lustrous timbre and poignant harmonic sensibility make Ron Miles not only a leading light in the Denver jazz scene but a sought-after collaborator by artists such as Frisell, Ginger Baker, Madeleine Peyroux, Don Byron, Myra Melford, Ben Goldberg, The Bad Plus, Jason Moran, and Joshua Redman.

“I like to think that musicians are the messengers of today,” explains Ron Miles. Known for writing songs that possess religious overtones, Miles embarked on this new album with the Circuit Riders of old serving as his inspiration. The Circuit Riders, traveling clergy who took the gospel to remote corners of America’s frontier on horseback beginning 250 years ago, were forerunners in their day. According to Miles, Circuit Rider
is a post-modern nod to these leaders who lived for a cause
greater than themselves. “We, as musicians, are traveling Circuit Riders preaching every day at any place available and are always on the move.”

Comprising five original compositions on this eight-track disc, Circuit Rider marks the first time Miles recorded an album with the same group twice. This time around, Miles could hear the band in the songwriting process. “We discovered songs together,” says Miles. “Their astounding capacity for playing impacted how I approached the music. When you have musicians as perceptive and responsive as Bill Frisell and Brian Blade, the music just takes off!”

Like its predecessor Quiver, Circuit Rider also showcases a selection of carefully chosen cover songs. Synthesizing the past are rearrangements of Jimmy Giuffre’s “Two Kinds of Blues,” as well as both “Jive Five Floor Four,” and “Reincarnation Of A Lovebird” by the trio’s hero Charles Mingus.

Sharing a fondness for striking melody, musical economy, and the importance of individual timbre, these three genre defying musical masters are highly respected leaders with expansive discographies and projects covering a wide spectrum of contemporary music. Their collective playing reflects the landscape that is implicit in Circuit Rider; all three giving a certain folk-like context to Ron’s original compositions. Denver-based Ron Miles and Denver-raised Bill Frisell (a partnership that dates back to the mid-90s) both exude the Old West, while Brian Blade’s breezy sophistication and jagged rhythms salute his native Louisiana.
Ron Miles
Ron Miles
Ron Miles is a songwriter and cornet player based in Denver, Colorado. He was born in Indianapolis in 1963 and moved to Colorado with his family in 1974. Ron Miles has recorded as a
leader for Prolific, Capri, Gramavision, Sterling Circle, and most recently, for Enja/yellowbird. One of the finest improvisers and
composers of his generation, he is revered by his fellow musicians and has been heralded by critics around the world.
In addition to leading his own bands, Ron Miles has performed in the ensembles of Bill Frisell, Mercer Ellington, Don Byron, Ginger Baker, Myra Melford, Joe Henry, Madeleine Peyroux, Jason Moran, Matt Wilson, The Bad Plus, Harriet Tubman, Ben Goldberg, and Joshua Redman.Also a gifted and experienced educator, Miles has been a music professor at the Denver
Metropolitan State University since 1998. His newest recording,
I AM A MAN, released in November 2017on yellowbird, features
again Bill Frisell and Brian Blade, along with pianist Jason Moran and bassist Thomas Morgan.
Bill Frisell Harmony
Bill Frisell Harmony
Bill Frisell - guitar
Petra Haden - voice
Hank Roberts - voice, cello
Luke Bergman - voice, baritone guitar



1. the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect. "four-part harmony in the barbershop style"
synonyms: euphony, polyphony; More

2. agreement or concord. "man and machine in perfect harmony"
synonyms: accord, agreement, peace, peacefulness, amity, amicability, friendship, fellowship, cooperation, understanding, consensus, unity, sympathy, rapport, like-mindedness.
Brian Blade
Brian Blade
A native of Shreveport, Louisiana, Brian Blade established himself as a versatile and highly creative and musical drummer early in his career, appearing on albums by Kenny Garrett and Joshua Redman, followed by recordings with countless others. Making his mark as a bandleader and original composer,

Blade released his first album, Brian Blade Fellowship, at the age of 27 in 1998 and followed two years later with Perceptual, both on Blue Note. Always an in-demand sideman and collaborator, Blade continued to work with a wide range of
artists, including Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Bill Frisell, and Wayne Shorter whose quartet he’s been a member of for 15
years. Ten years after releasing his first album as the Brian Blade Fellowship, Blade returned with Season of Changes in 2008, followed by the solo Americana, singer/songwriter effort Mama Rosa. The Fellowship’s fourth album together, Landmarks, was released in 2014.