Hip Hop Culture, Politics & History w/Kymberly Jackson

Hip Hop Culture, Politics & History w/Kymberly Jackson

Kymberly Jackson

Monday, September 10th - Monday, October 15th

8:30 pm

$130 Early Bird before Sept 4th / $140 Regular

Hip Hop Culture, Politics & History
This hands-on class combines research techniques, hip hop and urban music ethno musicology, and creative performance, for an exciting learning adventure through the Hip Hop culture. Participants are invited to engage in a comprehensive crash course in Hip Hop history and culture, learn valuable research skills, and culminate the experience with a performance for a small audience at the venue. Methods will include lecture/discussion, video, and possible guest speaker.

This is a six-week class, five weeks of study preparation, culminating in small group performances on the sixth week.
The class will begin with a look into the music, culture and history of hip hop and its origins. Participants will also begin to look critically, at current events and how to relate these events to hip hop. Weeks two and three, participants will learn creative research techniques, choose a research topic and bring their topics to the 4th work shop session. During session 4, participants will break into small groups of 4 or 5 people, and begin the creative component of combining their research topics into fodder for performance pieces. Participants will be strongly encouraged to use music, spoken word, dance, painting, writing, technology, Djing, etc, to collaborate and create a unique ensemble piece, a possibility of video recording can be discussed. The fifth session will have each group taking a section of the space, to fine tune and rehearse their piece. Week six is performance night!! Utilizing the stage, and multi media tactics, participants will perform their final works in front of each other and a few select guests!

As a result of the class, participants will have a greater understanding of hip hop culture and it’s relationship to mainstream society. Participants will have an awakening of the critical thinking process by viewing current events through the lens of the urban experience. Participants will gain experience in alternative, yet viable research techniques. And finally, participants will have the exciting opportunity of engaging their creative minds and discovering talents heretofore untapped, within themselves.
Kymberly Jackson
Kymberly Jackson
Composer, flautist, vocalist, recording artist, producer, and music instructor Kymberly Jackson began her quest for the perfect union of musician and instrument at an early age. After experimenting with the clarinet and drums, she discovered her musical soul mate in the flute. Born and Raised in Los Angeles, California, Kymberly (aka "Kj") began classical training at the age of 12 and continued to master the instrument throughout her formal education. As a graduate of prestigious Mills College in Oakland, California, receiving her Masters in Music, Kj was afforded the opportunity to study under world-renowned Classical flautists, Angela Korregelos and Priscilla Call.

Kymberly has honed her musical gifts from Beethoven to Hip Hop with ease and fluidity. Her versatility and ability to move successfully between urban contemporary, smooth jazz, and classical techniques makes her one of the most sought after musicians in the industry. In addition, she is an educator having taught music and theory to elementary school through college students.

Kj performs and records throughout the San Francisco Bay Area (and beyond) with some of the world’s most well known Jazz and R&B artists. Her stage and recording companions have included: Gerald Albright, Jeff Lorber, Donnie Osmond, Stevie Wonder (see the Hotter Than July album liner notes), Karen White, Dwayne Wiggins, Pete and Juan Escovedo, El DeBarge, Norman Brown, Ricardo Scales, Walter Beasley, The Gap Band, HipHop activist Boots Riley and the Coop, and Kev Choice - among many others. However, it is in her capacity as a solo artist that Kj (with her band Urban Legends) truly demonstrates her genius as a dynamic entertainer, instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer. In 2010, Kj and Urban Legends played to thousands of delighted San Francisco and Oakland Pride celebrants. Her Jazz Funk Fusion skills had Yoshi's standing-room-only audiences on their feet, and she regularly ignites crowds at concerts, clubs, and private events.

Kj has performed on great mainstages including the Apollo Theatre in NYC, Concord Pavilion, and both the fabulous Yoshi’s Oakland and San Francisco Jazz Clubs. She is the recipient of the 2011 BMA - Black Music Association Jazz Artist of the Year Award. Kymberly is a uniquely gifted woman who has been recognized within an industry that doesn't offer many coveted slots to female instrumentalists.

Kymberly's ongoing musical achievements and genius are undoubtedly impressive. Yet it is her ability to adapt and evolve in an ever changing entertainment industry that is the mark of a true artist. Kj has recently added acting, to an already full artistic resume and is currnetly appearing in the Boots Riley feature length movie production, 'Sorry to Bother You', filming in Oakland and San Francisco CA.

An accomplished vocalist, composer, producer, college music professor, and recording artist, Kymberly is currently performing, recording, and collaborating with bay area recording artist such as D'Wayne Wiggins of Toni Tony Tone' fame. Recently signed to Bay Area indie label Lounge Renown Records, Kj's currently released first single on LRR, a funky tribute to the Rogers and Hammerstein and John Coltrane American music classic My Favorite Things, is racing up the Smooth Jazz Charts, nationally and internationally.