Beginning/Intermediate Flamenco Guitar

Rescheduled from 11/17/18

Beginning/Intermediate Flamenco Guitar

Keni el Lebrijano

Saturday, February 23rd

1:00 pm (event ends at 4:00 pm)


This workshop has been rescheduled from 11/17/18.

Beginning/Intermediate Flamenco Guitar
Beginning/Intermediate Flamenco Guitar
This flamenco workshop is for beginning and intermediate level guitarists, aficionados, and for those who want to learn about the cante (singing), as well as correct palmas (hand clapping) patterns. I will, for guitarists, teach specific and basic techniques for Soleá, the central rhythm structure of flamenco. An experiential overview as to what has been going on in flamenco, in Spain, for the last half century will be included.
Keni el Lebrijano
Keni el Lebrijano has been involved in the art of flamenco for over 40 years, beginning his studies in the United States with Marcos Carmona and David Serva, and then travelling to Spain where he studied with guitar masters Diego del Gastor, Pedro Bacán, Pedro Peña and Mario Escudero. In Spain, he studied dance with Antonio Montoya (“El Farruco”) and Miguel Funi. 

In Andalucia, Keni performed with Angelita Vargas, La Cañeta de Malaga, Anzonini del Puerto, José Salazar, El Boquerón and many others. In 1990 he was invited to Seville to perform in the VI Bienal de arte Flamenco, Spain’s most prestigious flamenco festival.

In addition to working professionally in Spain, while there, Keni played in numerous fiestas accompanying many of Spain’s finest gypsy artists including Lola Flores, Tomatito, La Fernanda and La Bernarda de Utrera, El Chocolate, El Sordera, Luis and Enrique Zambo, Curro Malena, Miguel Funi, Manuel de Paula, Pepa de Utrera and many others.

In the United States, Keni has worked as soloist and accompanist, and has performed recitals with Manuel Agujetas, Anzonini del Puerto, Manuel Malena and Agustin Rios. He has performed with Juan del Gastor, David Serva, Pepe Torres, Miguel Funi, Javier Heredia, Antonio de Jerez, Rosa Montoya, Cruz Luna, La Tania, Los Flamencos de la Bodega, and Theater Flamenco.

Locally, Keni has performed at restaurants that include Chez Panisse, Manresa, The French Laundry, BayWolf and Oliveto. He performs, occasionally, at the “Thirsty Bear” in San Francisco and weekly at La Marcha in Berkeley, CA.

Keni has been featured in two movies, Les Blank’s “Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers” and David Webb Peoples’ “Blood of Heroes” and has lectured and performed at UCLA and the University of Washington. He taught flamenco at College of Marin and De Anza College and worked, for 10 years, as guitar
teacher for the Flamenco Society of San Jose. He currently teaches guitar privately in Kensington, California.

Keni is best known for his unique, individual style and his skill as a singing accompanist. He is well respected, particularly in the gypsy community in Andalucia, for his ability to play true, gypsy-style, flamenco.