Singing from Inside the Song w/Richard Brandenburg

Singing from Inside the Song w/Richard Brandenburg

Richard Brandenburg

Thursday, January 10th - Monday, January 14th

8:30 pm

$130 Early Bird before 1/1/19 / $140 Regular

Singing From Inside the Song
Are you already singing some, but wanting to perform more at jams and parties, and

get more involved in the folk, country and bluegrass communities?

Would you like to sing in your own voice, and move away from pop-inflected vocal styles toward a more natural, vernacular way of singing?

In this workshop I'll be offering attentive, thoughtful coaching to build your confidence and pleasure in singing.

We'll spend safe, fun, informal singing sessions deepening your experience of putting melody and lyrics together with the voice that you have.

No need to bring an instrument, just your voice; we’ll be working with practical, beautiful country, folk, and bluegrass songs, and I’ll play guitar while we sing. That way, the focus will be on your vocal technique and how to better inhabit the singer's role.

From Previous Students:
"I wasn't sure what to expect from this class, because I've never considered myself a real singer, but I've wanted to feel okay singing at jams and parties. I felt safe enough to really relax and try to work the things that Richard suggested into my singing, and it's working out great I think. I'm leading songs now and enjoying it."

"I play guitar in a bluegrass group, and sing occasionally, but I needed some help to get louder and more clear with the songs I do. This has been a GREAT class for me. I'm actually singing much better, and my bandmates are as happy as I am!"

"Richard's class really helped me gain new confidence in my voice. I'm singing stronger now than ever before and capturing more emotion in my singing. Richard offered suggestions, exercises and examples that got me thinking about my singing in different ways, and it all worked to improve my vocal sound!"
Richard Brandenburg
Richard Brandenburg
Richard Brandenburg has been a performing singer and songwriter around the Bay Area for many years. He has taught vocals, guitar, songwriting, and country repertoire at various music camps. He teaches private students and teaches lead and harmony vocal workshops, as well as an ongoing jam workshop at his home in San Francisco.