Singing Outside of the Shower: The Beatles, Mostly George w/Melanie Ida Chopko

Singing Outside of the Shower: The Beatles, Mostly George w/Melanie Ida Chopko

Melanie Ida Chopko

Thursday, July 11th - Thursday, August 29th

7:00 pm

$240 Early Bird before 7/2/19 / $250 Regular

Singing Outside of the Shower: The Beatles, Mostly George
Expanded - We're now 8 weeks long!

A beginner singing class for all secret-car-singers who are ready to uncork their passion for music and step into it. Along with singing, you'll learn tools to bring creativity into your everyday life, and practice alongside new friends towards a final class performance. For this series we’ll focus on favorites from the Beatles, with an emphasis on George Harrison's work.

The class explores both the technical and the expressive, embodied side of singing. You'll learn breathing techniques, principles of tone and pitch, exercises to expand your range, and how to rock back-up harmonies.

When we step into using our voices with singing, we step into using our voices in every aspect of our lives. This class is for both the absolute, "I-can't-sing-at-all-but-still-want-to" beginners and singers who are ready to front a band.

"Melanie taught me that my voice is an instrument, like a guitar or piano, and then she showed me how to play it, practice it, and care for it. I know that with effort and intention, I will grow my voice and find its power and character." - Kenny

"I sang down the hall, I sang out of the building. Melanie was inviting and supportive, breaking down some of my fears and showing me some techniques so I could find the voice I didn't know that I had. It was place where I could experiment and make mistakes, and I now see I actually CAN sing!" - Holly
Melanie Ida Chopko
Melanie Ida Chopko
Melanie Ida Chopko is a vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who believes in the power of people singing together. She began formally studying music as an adult at the California Conservatory of Music and the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, and sits with teachers everywhere from home studios of Berkeley, houseboats in the San Rafael harbor to patios in Rio de Janiero, Brasil. In October 2016, she released her debut EP of original music, Yellow Blue Alizarin. Teaching both adults and teens at the Freight & Salvage and Acme House of Music, Melanie anchors her teaching style in humor and the creative, spiritual principles of Julia Cameron's The Artist Way and Kenny Werner's Effortless Mastery.