Chuck Brodsky, Tim Flannery

Chuck Brodsky

Tim Flannery

Tuesday, January 21st

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Tim Flannery
Tim Flannery
Like California's Santa Ana winds, the journey that has led Tim Flannery to this point in his life has been equally constant and unpredictable.

Take baseball. A constant presence in his life since childhood, the game's blustery days and calm nights have shifted him, comforted him and ultimately have brought him to a new and unexpected turn. After 25 years with the San Diego Padres organization (from player to minor league manager to coach to broadcaster), Flannery will don a San Francisco Giants uniform this year as third base coach in his quest to fulfill the dream of being a World Series champion.

Take music. Also a constant presence in his life since childhood, he probably had a guitar in his hand before a baseball glove. Harmonies, melodies and lyrics course through his veins like tornado marking its path. Throughout his on & off seasons, music travelled with him from Florida to Fiji and back home to San Diego. He calls on his family's deep history, lonely nights on the road and the pervasive love of the game to write his songs.

Welcome "The Wayward Wind," Flannery's 8th album in 12 years. Flannery seamlessly weaves his own experiences of life, love and loss into the already well-made quilt known as California country music. You might find it hard to distinguish the originals from the covers on this heartfelt album as he honors the music of Merle Haggard and Neil Young among others. Flannery teamed up with musician/producer Jeff Berkley for a third time to make this album and you can count on all the Enablers being in the mix including Doug Pettibone, Dennis Caplinger, Berkley himself, Calman Hart and Randi Driscoll. You'll also get to hear from some old and new friends in Dani Carroll and Barbara Nesbitt.

Shifting winds, daily doses of living, America's pastime, and a soundtrack for it all. Tim Flannery relies on the constant unpredictability of weather, life, baseball and music.