KIDS LEARN TO PLAY: Hip Hop is Folk Music

Hip-Hop is Folk Music

Summer Cypher Mini-Camp is the summertime version of the Freight’s flagship school program, Playing With Tradition. The Summer Cypher Mini-Camp is recommended for children aged 10-14.

The Mini-Camp meets for an hour a day for two weeks exploring the theme of Hip-Hop is Folk Music by diving into the origins of hip-hop and trying out different writing and vocal approaches inherent in the music form. Each day we’ll explore different aspects of hip-hop, hone our improvisation and rhyming skills, and share our own writing and rapping in a fun, encouraging environment.

Taught by Najee Amaranth and Amani Jade with special guests!

“I liked the teachers and the activities
and most of all the music they shared with us.
It was like they were unlocking a whole new world.”
-Henry Brechtel, Summer Cypher/Hip-Hop is Folk Music Camper

August 3-7 and 10-14, 4pm-5pm


Amani Jade

Amani Jade is a multi-faceted creator born in San Francisco, CA who has been penning poetry and rhymes since her elementary school days. As an arts teacher, she shares her love of art as a tool in recovery and self-discovery. She’s inspired by first-time freestylers, cyphers of celebration over competition, and the power of healing through creative expression. She teaches for the Freight’s in-school music program, Playing with Tradition.


Najee Amaranth

Najee Amaranth is an Oakland-based rapper and educator who uses his talents to be the change he wishes to see in the world. Besides his son, Najee’s biggest accomplishment is founding the the artist collective Oakland Mind. Over the years the Oakland Mind has created spaces for artists, raised awareness about human trafficking, and taught hip-hop at the University level. Najee believes in utilizing hip-hop to explore the deepest levels of culture and context and supporting sustainable actions within the community. Mr. Amaranth was one of the pilot teachers for the Freight’s first in-school music program, Playing with Tradition.